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EAFM - Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management

The ecosystem approach to fisheries management (EAFM) offers a practical and effective means to manage fisheries more holistically. It represents a move away from fisheries management that focuses on target species, towards systems and decision-making processes that balance environmental, human and social well-being within improved governance frameworks.

For many, these are new concepts and considerations. In recent years decentralization policies have left local units with the challenging task of developing management plans that not only work locally, but also fit into broader fishery/ecosystem strategies. EAFM caters for all levels, ensuring that local level plans align with higher level strategic decision-making.

Originally this website focused on the Asia-Pacific region, though the concept of EAFM is applicable worldwide. Since 2017 we have also been supporting EAFM in Latin America and the Caribbean region. The materials available on this website have been developed by the EAFM consortium and are periodically quality assured.

This website explains the need for EAFM, provides a wealth of free materials to build capacity and improve skills in EAFM, and lists resources. It also provides a discussion forum for those interested in EAFM issues. We welcome your feedback.

The Essential EAFM training course available on this website has been designed to address these capacity development needs and provides the practical skills, tools and resources to do so. Available in English and Spanish. The materials are also being translated into other languages.

The LEAD Toolkit for  Leaders, Executives and Decision makers available on this website provides a range of materials for advocacy and for promotion of the EAFM approach at national and regional policy level. Currently available in English.

The Essential EAFM online training course takes the content of Essential EAFM training course and presents it in four individual interactive modules. The course takes 2.5 hours to complete, at you own pace, and is available in both English and Spanish.

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1. Essential EAFM course materials

2. EAFM LEAD Toolkit

3. Regional trainers and training institutions

4. Essential EAFM online training course