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Essential EAFM - Training Courses to Date

Progress with E-EAFM training across South Asia, South East Asia and Latin America and the Caribean region.

The E-EAFM consortium successfully piloted the E-EAFM training in June 2013 at Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. Between 2013 and 2016, the E-EAFM consortium carried out almost 50 courses in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Myanmar, Lao PDR, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hawaii. Over 1000 participants took part, mostly staff from governments of participating countries. Since 2017, the E-EAFM consortium has carried out courses in Mexico and Costa Rica, supporting participants from six Latin America and Caribbean countries. Many participating government officials, NGO staff and representatives of fisher associations continue to take part in the E-EAFM training and associated Training of Trainers.  

For an indicative list of courses and participating agencies see below.

Since 2016 more agencies are running this training course. We try to keep updated figures so would welcome news about recently completed E-EAFM courses and training of trainers (TOT).

#Type of TrainingProviderDateLocationNo. Participants (m/f)
52TOT courseFAO REBYC-II LAC3-5 December 2017Tarcoles, Costa RicaTotal 17 Participants (12M/5F)
51EAFM TrainingFAO REBYC-II LAC27 November - 1 December 2017Heredia, Costa RicaTotal 27 Participants (17M/10F)
50EAFM TrainingThe Nature Conservancy8-12 May 2017Ciudad de MéxicoTotal 22 Participants (12M/10F)
49TOT courseSEAFDEC - Sweden project27 June - 1 July 2016Myanmar 
48EAFM trainingSEAFDEC - Sweden project20-25 June 2016Cambodia 
47EAFM trainingNOAAApril 2016Philippines 
46EAFM trainingBFAR-GIZ4-8 April 2016Palawan, PhilippinesTotal 16 Participants (7M/9F)
45EAFM trainingBFAR-GIZ15-11 March 2016Bongao, Tawi-tawi, PhilippinesTotal 29 Participants (17M/12F)
44EAFM trainingSEAFDEC - Sweden project14- 19 December 2015Myanmar 
43TOT coursePCAARRD28 Nov - 1 Dec 2015Sta Rosa City, Laguna, PhilippinesTotal 18 Participants (8M/10F)
42EAFM trainingSEAFDEC - Sweden project2-7 NovemberLao PDR 
41EAFM trainingPCAARRD24-27 November 2015Sta Rosa City, Laguna, PhilippinesTotal 23 Participants (14M/9F)
40EAFM training + TOTSEAFDEC6-16 October 2015Rayong, Thailand 
39EAFM trainingSEAFDECAugust 2015Phuquoc, Vietnam 
38EAFM trainingSEAFDEC3-8 August 2015Prachuab Kiri Khan Province, Thailand 
37EAFM trainingBFAR Reg. 10/NFRDI14-18 July 2015Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines 
36EAFM trainingFAO-REBY-II/SEAFDEC6-10 July 2015Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea 
35EAFM TrainingSEAFDEC29 June -3 July 2015Rayong, Thailand 
34TOT courseNOAA29 June -1 July 2015HawaiiTotal 15 Participants (9M/6F)
33EAFM trainingPCAARRD29 June -1 July 2015Los Banos, Laguna, PhilippinesTotal 19 Participants (9M/10F)
32EAFM trainingNFRDI20-24 April 2015Princesa City, Philippines 
31TOT courseUNDP-GEF- NFRDI17 -20 March 2015Cebu City PhilippinesTotal 14 Participants (9M/5F)
30EAFM trainingPhilippine Council for Agriculture Aquatic Resources Research and Development (PCAARRD)27 -31 January 2015Los Banos, PhilippinesTotal 18 Participants (9M/9F)
29TOT courseBOBLME/NARA/DFAR/MFARD/NAQDA and Wayamba University16-18 March 2015Colombo, Sri lankaTotal 7 Participants (5M/2F)
28EAFM trainingBOBLME/NARA/DFAR/MFARD/NAQDA and Wayamba University9-14 March 2015Colombo, Sri lankaTotal 25 Participants (17M/8F)
27TOT courseBOBLME/SEAFDEC10-12 March 2015Rayong, ThailandTotal 10 Participants (6M/4F)
26EAFM TrainingBOBLME/SEAFDEC2-8 March 2015Rayong, ThailandTotal 23 Participants (17M/6F)
25EAFM trainingCTI ADB RETA Project24-28 November 2014Pagadian City, PhilippinesTotal 20 Participants (11M/9F)
24EAFM trainingBOBLME/BOBP-IGO16-20 November 2014Chittagong, BangladeshTotal 24 Participants (22M/2F)
23TOT courseBOBLME/BOBP-IGO12-14 November 2014Chittagong, BangladeshTotal 4 Participants (3M/1F)
22EAFM trainingBOBLME /KKP /NOAA17-21 November 2014Medan, North sumatra, IndonesiaTotal 29 Participants (22M/7F)
21EAFM trainingBOBLME /KKP /NOAA10-14 November 2014Padang West sumatra, IndonesiaTotal 24 Participants (18M/6F)
20EAFM trainingNOAA/USAID Philippines/BFAR and Ecofish26 - 30 October 2014Dagupan, PhilippinesTotal 31 Participants (14M/17F)
19EAFM? trainingGovernment of Malaysia/DoF Sabah/ADB RETA 7813 project26- 29 October 2014Tawau, Sabah MalaysiaTotal 29 Participants (20M/9F)
18EAFM trainingNOAA/USAID Philippines/BFAR and Ecofish19-24 October 2014Dagupan, PhilippinesTotal 25 Participants (12M/13F)
17EAFM trainingBFAR-NFRDI29 Sept- 3 Oct 2014Cebu city, PhilippinesTotal 28 Participants (14M/14F)
16EAFM trainingSEAFDEC and JTF15-29 September 2014Samut Prakan, ThailandTotal 21 Participants (15M/6F)
15TOT courseBFAR-NFRDI ?UNDP-GEF8- 13 September 2014Cebu, PhillipinesTotal 13 Participants (4M/9F)
14EAFM trainingBOBLME and BOBP-IGO11-15 August 2014Chainnai, IndiaTotal 25 Participants (17M/8F)
13TOT ChennaiBOBLME and BOBP-IGO7-9 August 2014Chainnai, IndiaTotal 4 Participants (2M/2F)
12EAFM trainingThe government of Malaysia, government agencies, University, and NGO10-15 August 2014Sandakan, Sabah MalaysiaTotal 27 Participants (16M/11F)
11EAFM TrainingUNDP/GEF, BFAR-NFRDI7- 11 July 2014Palawan, PhilippinesTotal 32 Participants (18M/14F)
10EAFM TrainingREBYC-II CTI, SEAFDEC? Thailand, BOBLME, FAO24 ? 29 April 2014Samut Prakan, ThailandTotal 22 Participants (18M/4F)
9EAFM TrainingBFAR and National Fisheries Research and Development Institute (NFRDI) /UNDP-GEF14-18 March 2014Zamboanga, PhilippinesTotal 24 Participants (13M/11F)
8EAFM trainingGovernment of Malaysia and DoF of Malaysia9- 14 March 2014Johor, MalaysiaTotal 19 Participants (10M/9F)
7EAFM trainingGovernment of Malaysias, the University and NGO10-15 February 2014Tawau, Sabah? MalaysiaTotal 19 Participants (11M/8F)
6TOT courseSEAFDEC and the SEAFDEC-FAO REBYC-II CTI26-29 January 2014Rayong, ThailandTotal 25 Participants (13M/12F)
5EAFM trainingSEAFDEC and the FAO-SEAFDEC Shrimp Trawl Management (REBYC-II CTI)20-25 January 2014Samut Prakan, ThailandTotal 29 Participants (13M/16F)
4EAFM TrainingPhilippine Council? for Agriculture Aquatic Resource Research and Development (PCAARRD) and NFRDI02-06 December 2013Los Banos, PhilippinesTotal 20 Participants (16M/4F)
3EAFM trainingDoF Malaysia, Department of Fisheries Sabah, WWF-Malaysia and Universities6-11 October 2013Nilai Negeri Sembilan MalaysiaTotal 18 Participants (11M/7F)
2TOT courseBOBLME, APFIC, FAO, NOAA, and USAID-CTSP30 June -3 July 2013Kota Kinabalu,? MalaysiaTotal 11 Participants (6M/5F)
1Pilot EAFM training courseBOBLME, APFIC, FAO, NOAA, and USAID-CTSP23-28 June 2013Kota Kinabalu,? MalaysiaTotal 25 Participants (13M/12F)