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 EAFM for Leaders, Executives and Decision makers (LEAD)

The EAFM LEAD Toolkit consists of a wide range of written and visual material which can be used for advocacy and policy influencing.

The Toolkit provides leaders in fisheries and other sectors and throughout levels of government with an improved understanding of, and ability to initiate EAFM, and more broadly ecosystem-based fisheries management (EBFM).   By using the appropriate, situation-based tools, EAFM champions and facilitators can use the toolkit to help leaders:

1) understand why EAFM leads to more sustainable fisheries management and can improve the well-being of their people;

2) understand what an EAFM plan is;

3) recognize and discuss human, ecological, and governance issues and concerns relating to their fisheries and how an EAFM can help;

4) understand in general how the EAFM Planning Process works;

5) recognize that they have the legal and institutional ability to engage in an EAFM plan;

6) communicate EAFM across sectors and throughout levels of government; and

7) understand the need for developing capacity and taking steps toward the implementation of an EAFM plan.



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For more information on legislation for EAFM see  the 'How-to' Guide on our resources page.