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The Essential EAFM training course

The ecosystem approach offers a practical and effective means to manage fisheries more holistically. It represents a move away from fisheries management that focuses on target species, towards systems and decision-making processes that balance environmental, human and social well-being within improved governance frameworks.

For many, these are new concepts and considerations. Decentralization policies have also left local units with the challenging task of developing management plans that not only work locally, but also fit into broader fishery/ecosystem strategies. The Essential EAFM training course has been designed to address these capacity development needs and provides the practical skills, tools and resources to do so.

Course materials available for use

A complete set of Essential EAFM course materials has been developed and is available for use free of charge on this website. Relevant organizations are encouraged to make use of these materials which include: learning modules, presentations, tools to be used at different stages in the EAFM process, a resource guide, handbook, session plans and workbooks.


EAFM Frequently asked questions

1. Can my organisation use these materials?

All Essential EAFM course materials and EAFM LEAD materials are available for use free of charge and can be downloaded from this site.


2. Can the course materials be adapted, translated or shortened?

Adaptation or translation of course materials to reflect the local context and characteristics of a fishery or the issues affecting it is advisable, as this will increase participants’ understanding of the relevance and application of the EAFM approach. In many cases translation into national language may also be an important step to increase understanding of trainers and trainees. When translations become available they will be uploaded onto this website.

It is strongly recommended that the entire course is taught (rather than just sections of it) so that trainees gain both a comprehensive understanding of the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management as well as the practical skills needed to implement it.


3. Are any institutions offering the Essential EAFM training?

Over time it is expected that an increasing number of institutions will offer the course both to their own staff as well as for staff of other organizations. Currently these institutions offer the course:


4. Is there an online version of the course?

Yes, an online course consisting of four interactive modules based on the E-EAFM course has been developed in conjunction with The Nature Conservancy. It is available in English and Spanish. Essential EAFM online training course 



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